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 Help:ACIVEX controls- subclassing Windows Control

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to create a ListBox OLE control by subclassing LISTBOX windows
control. But my control has a serious paint problem.
1. Using Classwizard I created a project to create ActiveX control by
subclassing LISTBOX control, I build the control without even touching the
code generated by Classwizard and ran it in test container.
2. I activate some other window (say windows explorer) behind test
container and again reactivate test container, I can see that my control is
filled with the contents of window behind test container (contents of
4. I tried to add a method called ADDTEXT and called
SendMessage(LB_ADDSTRING,......) , when I add the text and I resize the
LISTBOX, it doesn't paint properly. If i repeat step 2 here my control will
be filled with contents of windows explorer (or any window which i
activated before test container)
        I found this problem with few other controls too, like Progressbar, but
interestingly Progressbar work fine when used in another application, but
listbox control still have the same paint problem. If you know anything
about this please help. Reply back to my email address would be greatly

Thanks in advance
Fazil Peermohammed

Mon, 27 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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