Urgent.......Please See Regarding the registration of file types 
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 Urgent.......Please See Regarding the registration of file types

This query I have sent previuosly also.I got the reply as:
If your app is an MFC app that was initially created with App wizard, then you
can easily add this through the Component Gallery.  Look under:
  Project | Add to Project | Components and Controls
  Visual C++ Components | Document Registration

But by using this we can register one file type only with the application.If we want to register two or three types with the same application then what to do?Again I have to associate different icons with these file types.How can I do that so that they have different icons and all these files open with the same application when I do the double click from the explorer?

My Query was:
   I am working on the development of CAD application using MFC.Now I want that the file created by this application is associated with the icon of this application(when we see it in explorer) and whenever I click it from the explorer it will open in the current instance(if it is running) or open in new instance(if it is not running).By going into
Windows Explorer and in options-file types if we register the extension
or edit it to support DDE or if we set the icon of the app from there then it is working fine.But I want to register the icon for the file types supported by my application  from my application i.e by coding only.

Please look into the problem.

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