Shell extension using MFC extension DLLs 
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 Shell extension using MFC extension DLLs

I have a working shell extension written as a USERDLL using staticaly
linked MFC.  I did it in the MFC 3.x days, and I am trying to change it to
Regular DLL that uses MFC in shared DLL and my own MFC extension DLLs.

In my shell extension's IShellPropSheetExt OLE interface I have the
following code for adding pages.  Shell Extension class is derived from

lpfnAddPage, LPARAM lParam)
 METHOD_PROLOGUE(CArcSessShellExt, SessShellExt);
CMyObject* pObj = NULL;

CFile theFile( pThis->m_szFileName, CFile::modeRead);
CArchive theArch(&theFile, CArchive::load);
theArch >> pObj;

CMyObject is a class exported with AFX_EXT_CLASS from my MFC extension

The code above creates a correct file and archive but throws badClass
archive exception when trying to load CMyObject.  It calls CArchive::ReadCla
ss() and CRuntimeClass::Load(CArchive& ar, UINT* pwSchemaNum) in MFC, where
it reads the class name correctly.  However, CRuntimeClass::Load() fails to
find it in the module state class lists, including lists for shared DLLs
(it actually finds only few collection classes in those lists).  

I thought that METHOD_PROLOGUE and my classes defined with AFX_EXT_CLASS
should be enough to manage module states. Does anyone know what is wrong
here??? Thanks!

Operator >> is hidden in MFC DECLARE/IMPLEMENT_SERIAL macros, and is not
exported (I exported it in .def file).  I tryed to wrap it in my global
friend function LoadObject( CArchive&, CMyObject&* ), exported with
__declspec( dllexport ).  When I added AFX_MANAGE_STATE( AfxGetStaticModuleS
tate() ) at the beginning of the function, it did not link complaining


Mon, 15 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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