Perplexing issue with Image lists 
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 Perplexing issue with Image lists

I am very frustrated with an ImageList problem.  Here is
the scenario.

m_ImageList.Create(,, ILC_MASK | ILC_COLORDDB,
1, 1);

THe first time my dialog is created, the call works
fine.  THe second time, CImageList::Attach fails the
assertion shown below.  If I Ignore, I get a messed up
image list.  I have put a break point in the dtor of the
window that owns the CListCtrl, and I see that I am
destroying the class. Any ideas?

CImageList* Pascal CImageList::FromHandlePermanent
   CHandleMap* pMap = afxMapHIMAGELIST();
   CImageList* pImageList = NULL;
   if (pMap != NULL)
      pImageList = (CImageList*)pMap->LookupPermanent(h);
      ASSERT(pImageList == NULL || pImageList-

>m_hImageList == h);

   return pImageList;

Tue, 13 Sep 2005 05:24:31 GMT  
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