Difference between MRU File Open and Regular File Open 
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 Difference between MRU File Open and Regular File Open


When I open up a Document using the "File Open", I get a Debug Assertion,
where X & Y =0.
When I open up a Document using "MRU File Open", The X & Y coordinates are
what they are supposed to be,
the way I set them in PreCreateWindow().

Each option, uses the PreCreateWindow(CREATESTRUCT& cs).

I set X & Y, but for some reason X & Y are getting lost when using "File

I can choose to ignore the Assertion and continue as if nothing happened.
(Never been able to do that before)

CSize CDC::SetWindowExt(int x, int y)
 CSize size;

 if (m_hDC != m_hAttribDC)
  VERIFY(::SetWindowExtEx(m_hDC, x, y, &size));
 if (m_hAttribDC != NULL)
  VERIFY(::SetWindowExtEx(m_hAttribDC, x, y, &size)); <--------This is where
the ASSERTION happens
 return size;


Thanks in advance,

Tue, 16 Dec 2003 22:23:22 GMT  
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