Runtime control creation and event handling? 
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 Runtime control creation and event handling?


I'm using the CRdc and CMsDgridCtrl and have no problems with these when
inserted into a Dialog for a CPropertyPage.  All goes well when the
database is specified prior to building the application.

However, I cannot get the application to work when I do not specify the
database prior to building the application.

The reason I need to do this is that the user specifies the database after
application starts.

I have been able to add the controls to a CPropertyPage at runtime
using the MDIBind example as a guide.  However, as usual there is always
a catch to any Microsoft example.  The example does not show how to
capture control events.

When the controls were added in the Dialog resource editor the key items

DDX_Control(pDX, IDC_DBGRID_PROJECT, m_msdgridproject);
ON_EVENT(CPageProject, IDC_DBGRID_PROJECT, 26 /* BeforeColEdit */,
OnBeforeColEditDbgridProject, VTS_I2 VTS_I2 VTS_PI2)
ON_EVENT(CPageProject, IDC_DBGRID_PROJECT, 5 /* BeforeColUpdate */,
OnBeforeColUpdateDbgridProject, VTS_I2 VTS_PVARIANT VTS_PI2)

The problem I have is how do I now deal with the events that I would
otherwise add with the classwizard?
If someone is able to help by showing me either:
1. how to bind controls at runtime that have been entered into a dialog
using the resource editor and have no
database specified at program startup


2. how to capture events in my CPropertyPage for controls created after the
program starts.

thank you
Mark A Gregory, Senior Lecturer
Department of Communication and Electronic Engineering
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Mon, 04 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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