MainFrm shows all its toolbars after Print Preview 
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 MainFrm shows all its toolbars after Print Preview

I have an app with 2 toolbars in the MainFrm class, one with small buttons
and one with large buttons. I only show one of them at any time.
I create both toolbars in the OnCreate() of the MainFrm.
The problem now is that after a Print Preview both the toolbars are visible.
(If NO toolbar is visible before a preview, then none will be visible after,
is OK, but when only one is visible before, BOTH will be visible after)
How can I avoid this? Or, what code is the cause that BOTH toolbars are
shown after a preview.

Much appreciation for the one who can help me with this,

Mon, 12 Sep 2005 11:53:09 GMT  
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