Nesting Common File Dialog within my Dialog 
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 Nesting Common File Dialog within my Dialog

I'm using the technique of nesting a common File dialog box within
my dialog box.  Everything works fine but...

I'm adding additional controls, and at startup I wish to only display the
nested dialog box.  This works fine by using movewindow in the initdialog
box function.  However, when I click my button to expand the dialog box
to show my other controls, the controls are not visible.  I've used spy++
the controls are there, correct styles, in the correct possition but are
not visible.

I've reached out on a limb by trying to bring the controls to the front,
enable, make visible, move, etc.  They never show up.

Any help would be apprieceated.


Mon, 25 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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