RpcNsBindingLookupBegin SOMETIMES fails 
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 RpcNsBindingLookupBegin SOMETIMES fails

I need to fix with some legacy code that uses RPC calls. When server
program is first started it sometimes fails in the following code:

EntryName[MAX_COMPUTERNAME_LENGTH + 5] = {"/.:/"};
GetComputerName(szCompName,  &nSize))
strcat(EntryName, szCompName);
status = RpcNsBindingLookupBegin(RPC_C_NS_SYNTAX_DEFAULT,
EntryName, Recipe_Transfer_ServerIfHandle, NULL, 0, &LookupContext);

If the call fails status will be RPC_S_NAME_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE or
RPC_S_ENTRY_NOT_FOUND. I have checked and the computer name looks good.
In frustration I substituted a nonsense name after the call to
GetComputerName it seemed to word better.

I can find no rhyme or reason to when or why RpcNsBindingLookupBegin
fails. If the program gets past this call every thing works fine.

Thanks In Advance.


Mon, 07 Jun 2004 12:26:17 GMT  
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