CSockets, CWinThreads, and DLLs 
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 CSockets, CWinThreads, and DLLs


I have a CWinThread derived class: one member variable is a CSocket.
When linking this class into an executable program, the socket works as
expected: when this class is used as part of a DLL and linked into a
main program, the socket does not work as expected.

I know that CSockets employ hidden windows (or some windows widget in
the background) and I wonder if this is the root of the problem I see.
Can AfxSetResourceHandle help? If so, how?

I am also beginning to lean towards a winsock2/threads
(_beginthread/_endthread) implementation for our DLL. Does anyone have
thoughts regarding CSocket/CWinThreads DLLs vs winsock2/threads DLLs?




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