Double Byte Issues 
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 Double Byte Issues

We are using Visual C++ 1.52C, and yet to move on to 32-bit versions.,
due to the delay caused by the non-avilability of the 32 bit versions of
some third party conrtols used in our applications.
We are converting our application into Korean 'Hongul' language. Since
Hongul supports characters of DoubleByte, our application crashes
randomly as string variables were declared with Single Byte Strings in
Changing all the Data declrations and modifying the code,
correspondingly will take enormous amount of time.Instead we would
prefer to restrict the number of characters typed in the editboxes.
Currently We accept ItemCode in an EditControl in the dialog, by
limiting the size to 16.
Is there any method to implement the following :-
If English Characters are entered, the field shoul receive 16 Charactes.

If Hongul Characters are entered, it should receive only 8 Characters.
Can this be achieved if two resource only DLLS are maintained, one for
English and one for Hongul.

Thu, 25 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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