CRecordSet vs. CDaoRecordset 
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 CRecordSet vs. CDaoRecordset

    Help!  I have an application which uses CDatabase and CRecordset to
access an ODBC database (FoxPro).  Now I need to extend the application to
not only use existing tables, but create new tables..  No problem there, I
just run it through SQL statements.  My problem is in that while CRecordSet
supports GetFieldValue() so that I don't have to use DDX to get values of a
field, it does not support SetFieldValue() to SET those values without DDX.
I did read that CDaoRecordset does support SetFieldValue(), but doesn't
CDaoRecordset also only support Access?

Any help or comments much appreciated!


Sun, 08 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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