Can I use a DLL to start MS Word with Automation 
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 Can I use a DLL to start MS Word with Automation

Here is what I am trying to do:
Use my java application (already written) to open up a new MS Word
document and write into it a few lines of information that already
exists in my java application.

To achieve this I figure I should be using the Java Native Interface
to call functions in a DLL (a native language DLL i.e. C++).  The
functions in the DLL will then use Automation to start up the Word
application and write into it information that I have passed as

My question is:
Is this approach the correct one, will it work?  Can I use Automation
in a DLL to start up word?  What will the functions in the DLL look

Here is what I know how to do already:
I can start the word application by using a small MFC dialog based
I can use the Java Native Interface.
I can use the mingw utility dllwrap to make a DLL.
I am aware that VC++ has a wizard for making DLL's, although I haven't
used it yet.

Hope you guys can help,



Mon, 26 Sep 2005 22:05:33 GMT  
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