OnClose() in MDI Mainframe works fine in debug version but not in release 
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 OnClose() in MDI Mainframe works fine in debug version but not in release


I have an MDI app that first starts with a login dialog screen. The screen
fills the whole monitor screen and consists of a login dialog. Since my
mainframe is not yet created at startup, the login screen works fine.
When I exit my mainframe window (e.g. by system menu), the login screen
reappears (new creation through CMyApp::LoginExit-function, see below).
The debug version works fine but the release doesn't. In release, when I
exit my mainframe window the login screen is not at top, only the login
dialog is. In the background there is still my Mainframe window which I have
hided with CWnd::ShowWindow(SW_HIDE).
Is there anyone who knows, why the release version does not work although
the debug version works fine?

Thanx for help,

Here's my code:

// ****** The mainframe OnClose handler ....

class CMainFrame : public CMDIFrameWnd;

void CMainFrame::OnClose()

 // Login/Exit Dialog
 int ir = ((CMyApp*)AfxGetApp())->LoginExit();
 if (ir == IDLOGIN)
  // new Login ok
 else if (ir == IDEXITAPP)
  // Exit app


// ******* The app routine ....

class CMyApp : public CWinApp;

int CMyApp::LoginExit()
 // LoginExit Screen
 CLoginExitScreen screen;

 int ir = screen.Show();
 return ir;


// ******** The LoginExit screen ...

class CLoginExitScreen : public CFrameWnd;



int CLoginExitScreen::Show()
 // return values:  IDLOGIN    .. Login ok
 //                      IDEXITAPP .. Exit app

 CLoginExitDlg dlg;
 int ir = dlg.DoModal();
 if (ir == IDOK)
      return IDLOGIN;

 return IDEXITAPP;


Sat, 14 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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