Jump to NTDLL during debug of MFC socket app 
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 Jump to NTDLL during debug of MFC socket app


I am working on an MFC Doc/View app that involves the use of CAsyncSockets.  
During CWinApp::InitInstance while in De{*filter*}, the AfxSocketInit function returns
correctly, making me believe that Winsock has been initialized and the DLL
attached properly.  However, when I first execute the Create method from a class
that inherits from CAsyncSocket, and the Winsock "socket(AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, 0)"
function in CAsyncSocket::Socket gets called, the de{*filter*} jumps to a disassembly
screen and flashes a dialog box that says...

"User breakpoint called from code at 0x77f9eea9"

...but I don't have any breakpoints set in my code.  The weird thing is that when
I execute this debug app outside of the de{*filter*}, it passes fine.  Does anyone
have any idea why I am experiencing this?


Mon, 27 Oct 2003 02:25:37 GMT  
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