When does IE start rendering an HTML page received from a Http Server 
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 When does IE start rendering an HTML page received from a Http Server


I'm currently writing a multithreaded http server
application using the CAsyncSocket classes and am having
difficulty with IE rendering the HTML page that I send to
it thru a server socket. I can sucessfully send data back
to the client using the CAsyncSocket notifications, but
the page is only rendered if I 'Close' or 'Shutdown' the
socket from within OnSend when I have calculated that I
have successfully sent all data that is stored in my
buffer. However, I was under the impression that server
applications generally shouldn't be closing client
connections down, because the client may send in another
Http request over that same socket. So, only the client
knows when the socket connection should be closed down.

How do I send back HTML data such that IE will render it
as it being received from  the http server, without
closing the socket connection down from the server????

Thanks in advance.

Sun, 25 Jul 2004 17:44:07 GMT  
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