Why sometimes text in my CButton disappears ? 
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 Why sometimes text in my CButton disappears ?

i have made a CButton in my CView manually : contructor + create.
I want to change the text of CButton (caption) and i use
SetWindowTex(), member of CWnd to make it...
But after, when i select a item form menu which opens a CDialog for
example, i have noticed the text on CButton is like the first
declaration and then inchanged...
If i add in the code of CDialog the instruction Invalidate(), i notice
the CButton is refresh and then the text is good !
But i dont put the instruction Invalidate() in all my CDialog called
from my menu !!!
I thing i have a problem : is really the way to change text in CButton
with the instruction SetWindowText(), may be some code must be added ?
i need a solution quickly, please
if you can help , very thank
this project is very important for me ......

Mon, 04 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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