Addendum: COleServerDoc-derived class exception failure 
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 Addendum: COleServerDoc-derived class exception failure

G'day again folks!

I've discovered that COleServerDoc::OnNewDocument() is returning FALSE,
which is causing my own OnNewDocument() to return before my "immense"
data structure is established. Because everything is done with CArray's,
all the array members have 0 length, and I'm unable to read or write to
the structure. My OnNewDocument() actually initialises a default
structure with at least one element in every array, in order to overcome
this problem. But, as I've said, this code never gets executed. I've
been unable to trace the code for COleServerDoc::OnNewDocument(),
because I get a message saying "cannot step through system code" before
I get there, and I'm unable to debug any further. What is it that causes
OnNewDocument to return FALSE?

I'm thinking of moving my code to before the call to
COleServerDoc::OnNewDocument(). What sort of ramifications are there if
I do that?

Thanks people!

Sat, 18 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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