CAsyncSocket::Close() assertion failure. 
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 CAsyncSocket::Close() assertion failure.


Every call to Close() of CAsyncSocket object causes assertion failure.  The
debug info points to DoCallBack() method in sockcore.cpp (I'm not sure if I
can trust it, though).  I had the nonblocking mode disabled  and no events
were requested in socket Create().
The following code sample illustrates the problem.

  // ...
  m_pSocket = new CAsyncSocket();
  if (!m_pSocket->Create(0, SOCK_STREAM)) {
    // ...
  DWORD dwNB = 0;            
  if (!m_pSocket->IOCtl(FIONBIO, &dwNB)) {   // disable nonblocking mode
  if (!m_pSocket->Connect(m_lpszAddress, m_nPort)) {

  m_pSocket->Close();           // <= this causes assertion failure

I would appreciate _any_ suggestions on what could be causing the failure.


Sat, 05 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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