CRecordset access violation 
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 CRecordset access violation

Hello all
    I'm opening a recordset and can successfully read and add a new record
but when I try an UpDate() on an existing record I get "syntax error or
access violation" error these are the basic steps I using to test.

m_pICDataSet.Open("Initial Conditions");
m_pRecordSet = new ICDataSet(&m_pICDataSet);
if (m_pRecordSet->CanUpdate())
      //check what parameters are to be saved
      m_pRecordSet->m_Airspeed = 100;
      if( !m_pRecordSet->IsBOF() && !m_pRecordSet->IsEOF() &&
           m_pRecordSet->Update(); //cause the record to update to the new
      m_pRecordSet->Requery(); //re-read the table and rebuild the select


I'm using VC++ 5.0 and Excel 97 for the database.
Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated
Ed Jones.

Sun, 25 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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