Ole Problem at access to Access97 with an MFC-application 
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 Ole Problem at access to Access97 with an MFC-application

Hello all

a part of my program looks like the following :

  _Application access;


  char Buffer[250];
  GetCurrentDirectory( 250, (LPTSTR)&Buffer);
  CString strTemp = Buffer + CString("\\") + CS_DBMS_PATH +
ModelSet.m_dbName + ".mdb";
  access.OpenCurrentDatabase(strTemp, FALSE);
  IDoCmd DoCmd(access.GetDoCmd());      

  COleVariant ObjectName(strQueryName);
  COleVariant InDatabaseWindow((long)TRUE, VT_BOOL);
  access.SetVisible( FALSE);

  DoCmd.SelectObject (1 , ObjectName, InDatabaseWindow);


I wont use the function SaveToFile from access. In Debug mode this works
fine but in release mode i get the following error message :

"This action cannot be completed because the "Microsoft Access" program
is not responding. Choose "Switch to" and correct the problem."

can anybody here help me ?


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Sun, 04 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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