limit of CComboBox and handling of scrolling event in a CComboBox 
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 limit of CComboBox and handling of scrolling event in a CComboBox


There are limitations for the amount of items a ListBox can hold.
(ListBox is a part of Combobox), but you should consider a different
approach, it's not really user friendly to have a few thousand of items
in your ComboBox.

If you really want this maybe this article is something for you...

MSDN search for...
A Virtual List Box Implementation with VLIST

limitations are...

It can display a maximum of 32,767 items.

It is limited to 32K of item data. Therefore, list boxes that store
strings can contain a maximum of 5440 items, and list boxes that don't
store strings (owner-drawn list boxes implemented without the
LBS_HASSTRINGS style) can contain a maximum of 8160 items.

It is limited to 64K of string data. Therefore, a list box with an
average string length of 30 bytes per item can store a maximum of 2184


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