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 Debugging Dll

I have the pdb file, the dll, and the source code.  I don't have the project
for the dll though.  I want to be able to step into the dll using a test
app.  So, my understanding is that I should consolidate the dll and pdb file
together.  Now - I just have to put the source code for the dll in the same
directory as the pdb and the dll - right?  I should now be able to start
stepping into the dll - correct?  Is there anything I missed?

Thanks in advance for your help,
Demir Ateser
Intermec Technologies Corp.

Sun, 11 Sep 2005 20:08:50 GMT  
 Debugging Dll
Hi Demir,

I am not sure about if I understand your problem clearly. Do you have the
source code for the DLL? If you have it, you should can create a new
project for the DLL. Is it correct?

The process of developing a dynamic-link library (DLL) with Visual C++
usually includes debugging. To do so, we should build a debugging version
of the DLL and call it from an application. Please refer to the following
Knowledge Base article:
HOW TO: Debug a Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) in Windows

Best regards,

Jacob Yang
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Wed, 14 Sep 2005 06:20:18 GMT  
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