Pop up menu has my program (Right Mouse Button) 
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 Pop up menu has my program (Right Mouse Button)

I am working on a text encryption program which replaces one character for
another. Now I have prepared a program with two Edit Boxes, one for the
Input File and the other for the Output File. When the user clicks on
"ENCRYPT", the encryption process starts.

In my next version (which I will be starting right away), I want to let the
user type in their text in any program including Outlook (plain text mode),
Eudora etc; have the user SELECT the text (ie. highlight), CLICK on the
RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to get the pop up menu (which has COPY, CUT etc). He
should see the item "ENCRYPT TEXT" in the menu. Clicking on that item should
replace the selected text with the encrypted.

I can do the encryption by myself. What I need to know is :

1. How to add items to a pop-up-menu. The item concerned must appear in ALL
pop-up-menus where the selected content is plain text (such as Notepad,
Outlook, etc.).

2. More questions to come later.. :)

Thank you.

- Michelle Stone

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Wed, 27 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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