Getting cursor position and text from OE compose window (Internet Explorer_Server) 
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 Getting cursor position and text from OE compose window (Internet Explorer_Server)


I'm developing a word prediction aid/spell checker for dyslexic users,
and would like to support OE, as well as general Edit/RichEdit control
based programs. Apparently the main editing window of OE is of the
type "Internet Explorer_Server", which apparently means that I can get
a IHTMLDocument2 interface for it. My problem now is how to get the
equivalent of the current text and caret position from this interface.
Being quite new to COM programming in general (and the IHTMLDocument
interface specifically), I'm starting from scratch here...

Can someone help me out with som samples? I'm already aware of the
documentation at MSDN etc., but find it hard to get a handle on, how
to proceed from there.

  Anders S. Johansen, cand. scient.

Wed, 21 Sep 2005 13:40:51 GMT  
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