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 Shortcut problem...

Hi everybody,

I have a big problem with shortcut in Windows XP !
I'm migrating application from NT to XP.
these applications are developped with Visual C++6 and they used some DLLs.

When we install these applications, we create some shortcuts to launch them.
In the "Start in" field we specify the directory in which the application
use a DLL named MY_DLL.
This DLL is also present in c:\windows\system32 in a different version.

Under NT it's work very well :) (the application load the DLL in the
directory specified in the "start in" field of the shortcut).
but under XP, there's nothing to do, the application always load the DLL
located in the c:\windows\system32,even the directory specified in the
"start in" field.

Please help me, I think i will become totaly crazy !!!

thanks in advance,

Stephane RZETELNY.

Thu, 15 Sep 2005 22:57:39 GMT  
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