Launching dialog box with ActiveX Control... 
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 Launching dialog box with ActiveX Control...


I created an DLL, statically linked to MFC, that exports a function.  This
function displays a modal dialog box.

I explicitly link to this DLL from an MFC executable and I call the
function.  The function indeed works and displays the dialog box.

I go back to the DLL and alter the dialog box to include an ActiveX control
and recompile.  Now when I call the function from the MFC executable, I get:

CoCreateInstance of OLE control {FACE0300-0008-11CF-AFBE-00AA006B77CB}

>>> Result code: 0x800401f0
>>> Is the control is properly registered?

Warning: CreateDlgControls failed during dialog init.
Warning: Dialog creation failed!

The control seems to be registered properly, and I am calling
AfxEnableControlContainer() in both the EXE and the DLL.

Anyone have any clues?


Sat, 25 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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