How to config RAS phoneook in my Control Panel Application 
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 How to config RAS phoneook in my Control Panel Application

    I need help.
    I'm write a Control Panel App under Windows NT4.0. One of my CPL's
functions is I want users can use this CPL to config(and edit) the default
RAS phonebook entry. So I add one dialogbox(CPropertyPage) named CPage2 to
my main dialogbox(CPropertySheet). In CPage2, I created a buttom named
"config" and I want when user press this buttom, there would be open a
default Dialup_Networking dialog to let user choose/edit RAS entrys. So I
include "rasdlg.h" in page2.h and add rasdlg.lib to my project. And wrote
code under CPage2::OnConfig() as following:
 r.dwSize = sizeof(RASPBDLG);
 r.hwndOwner = NULL ;
 r.dwFlags = RASPBDFLAG_PositionDlg ;
 r.xDlg = 0;
 r.yDlg = 0;
 r.dwCallbackId = 1;
 r.pCallback = NULL;
 r.reserved = 0;
 r.reserved2 = 0;
 RasPhonebookDlg(NULL,NULL, &r);
After I added these code to my control panel app, under Control Panel, when
I double click on my app's icon, there's nothing respons(if I delete those
code in CPage2::OnConfig(), app's running OK,I also can open the page2).
    Are there any thing should I take care of when writting Control Panel
App. I also try an other way -- use RasEditPhonebookEntry() to open a
dialogbox to edit a phonebook entry, it worked. But I this way can only edit
one entry, I still want use RasPhonebookDlg(). Could someone help me on
Thanks a lot,

Thu, 03 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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