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 access violation com


I spend couple of days on this problem. I have a MFC client which call a com
dialog & when I get out of it by clicking "cancel" it gives me memory error
saying memory could not be written.
The error does not occure while in debug mode.
Please let me know if you have any clue.

void ListView::OnManage()
 // Establish Com Object


 COleException *e = new COleException;
file://creating com object
  object = new IDmManager;
  if (!object->CreateDispatch(DMMANAGE_DOCUMENT,e)) {
   AfxMessageBox("eConnector Manage could not be established.");
   object = NULL;
   throw e;
 // Set selected r_object_id information

 DmString docId;
 docId = "xxxxxxxxx";

 // call "manage" method
//this call will open MFC dialogs from com class & when I will cancel them
then I get the error
  }  catch (CException *e)
  CString cStr = "The MFC exception cause is:";
  TCHAR   szCause[255];
  cStr = cStr + szCause;
file://if I put a message dialog here it comes up fine
file://after that dialog memory error will be thrown


Sat, 25 Oct 2003 05:51:36 GMT  
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