Open file in CAsyncSocket 
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 Open file in CAsyncSocket

   I using CAsyncSocket ( in SDI) to build a socket server for file transfer
purpose. I using CFile to create a new file to store the incoming data. I
notice that, when  a few client (~10) connect and sending data at the same
time , the socket server will terminated without any message. I try to debug
the socket server, but not so successful. I notice that the error always
encounter while the server try to create file ( > 10).
   I store the CFile object as var at CAsyncSocket . When the clients
connect, each accepted socket will have their own CFile object to store the
files. It the same client send more than a file, the CFile will be used back
(close and open again). Am i using the right method ? What about CSocketFile
? I can't get much info from MSDN.
 Please help, it your guys need the my source, i will zip and email to u. I
am new in MFC.

Thank u


Sat, 25 Oct 2003 19:37:11 GMT  
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