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 MDI Windows inside a Window


    I'm having some problems with a CMDIFrameWnd that i create. This
MDIFrame is a child window of a parent window that i create.
    My intension of doing this, is to have a single window with some
controls in it, and one of them is the CMDIFrameWnd with as many child as i

    But there's a problem, i can not add the style WS_CHILD to this
CMDIFrameWnd and give, in creation, the single window like the parent
window, because if i do this the MDIChildWnd's never happear active (if i do
the MDIGetActive from the CMDIFramWnd it works fine, the only thing that
does not work is the caption, does not turn blue when active, and the events
are not well treated, for example in a cedit i only can focus with the
method SetFocus(), because if i do with the tab or the mouse the edit
control will not get the focus????)

    So i do not create the CMDIFrameWnd with the WS_CHILD, that turns to be
the correct thing to do, because all the things in the ChildWnd's works fine
(the cedit focus for example now works, and the child windows now stay
active (blue caption)). But there's a BIG problem, this is a new window,
when this CMDIFrameWnd is active, my parent single window turns not

    In this last way i've acheaved what i want, but is any one that nows a
better solution? or is any Class that does this?



Sat, 10 Jul 2004 20:07:01 GMT  
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