Help please - Dialog-based app won't start - Acc Vio C0000005 - VC 5 - Win200 
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 Help please - Dialog-based app won't start - Acc Vio C0000005 - VC 5 - Win200

I don't know what to do on this - any help you have is appreciated in

A dialog-based app I wrote a few years ago (VC4 I think) worked OK until I
tried to tinker with it Friday (in  VC5). Now it always reports "Unhandled
Exception - Access Violation - 0xC000005" in its AfxInitialize() start-up
code. The prg never starts. (I'm using Win2000)

Now here's the weird part - I made a NEW project - picked "Dialog based" -
and built the empty project. It gives the same error when trying to start...
Hmm... How about the "Fire" tutorial? This doesn't work anymore either -
SAME ERROR! But I KNOW this worked before.

I get the error somewhere around AfxInitialize() --> AfxGetModuleState();
where the screen turns into ASM listing.

I have MS.NET beta installed - can this be causing the trouble?

TIA - I'd appreciate any help you can offer...


Fri, 05 Dec 2003 12:49:55 GMT  
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