Custom Build Steps in a Custom AppWizard 
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 Custom Build Steps in a Custom AppWizard

I'm creating a custom AppWizard and need to have certain files created with
custom build steps.  Apparently in the MFCAPWZ.DLL there's a bunch of code
to deal with hpj files and other special cases.  Looking at the sample
"CUSTOMWZ" I can not see how the custom build step to either create the
help file or to copy the target file to the $(MSDEVDIR)\Template

As these kinds of steps are very application specific, it forces me to
believe that there is some way to accomplish them.  However, poring
endlessly over the provided samples has provided no information.  I can see
that -maybe- there's a way to add configuration custom build steps through
the IConfiguration interface, but that still leaves me out in the cold when
it comes to build steps for an individual file.  (The ATL AppWizard
obviously does this for IDL files)

Any suggestions?


Fri, 08 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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