Dialog owned by main window not hidden when main minimized 
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 Dialog owned by main window not hidden when main minimized

In my app., I have several dialogs types that are created with the main
window as the parent.  When I minimize the application, one dialog stays
visible on the screen.  I can't click on the app. in the task bar to restore
it either; I have to right-click and select "Restore."

If I create an instance of this dialog in the initialization code of the
main window, it minimizes fine.  The one that doesn't minimize is created in
the code of a child window of the main window, although in both places
CDialog::Create is called with the second argument NULL, specifying the
parent should be the main window.  And Spy++ bears out the fact that both
have the main window as the parent and owning window.  They also have the
identical style and extended-style flags.  Just one is hidden when the app.
is minimized, however.

Many thanks for any helpful response,
Victor Levy
Columbia Scientific, Inc.
South Bend, Indiana, USA

voice: 219-273-6338

Fri, 12 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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