Obtaining HWND in system wide hook DLL? 
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 Obtaining HWND in system wide hook DLL?


      I'm writing keylogger that logs not only pressed keys but also window
titles and application fullpaths.
The architecture is simple - I've created a DLL that hooks keyboard input
and redirects all chars to my window application that logs them into file.
All goes fine (chars are being written, window titles are being written)
before I try to get application's full path.
Window titles are being obtained in DLL via:

      HWND hwndToTrack = GetActiveWindow();

      while(::GetParent(hwndToTrack) != NULL)
        hwndToTrack = ::GetParent(hwndToTrack);

      PostMessage(hwndOfReceiver, WM_SWHDLL_KEY_MSG, (long)hwndToTrack,

And then in my windows application:
    ::GetWindowText(hwndToTrack, szTitleToTrack, 999);

Then, I'm trying to get full path:
GetWindowModuleFileName(hwndToTrack, szPathToTrack, MAX_PATH+1);

But it constantly returns fullpath of my window application! :(

So, the only thing that I've managed to do is to get processid by this
hwndToTrack, to take a processes snapshot and than to find this process and
extract the executable name. It's slow and gives only name, not full path :(

Could you advise something?

Andrey A. Belkin

Sat, 30 Apr 2005 11:24:43 GMT  
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