Splitter windows, Multiple Doc Templates - Help! 
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 Splitter windows, Multiple Doc Templates - Help!

My application has a CRichEditView derived View pane.
At other times I replace the above with a splitter window with a CView
derived class View, which has the CRichEditView as one of its panes.

My Doc class must be CRichEditDoc derived to support the CRichEditView View.
But that gives me problems when I switch views. (App doesn't shut down
On the other hand, a plain CDocument Doc class supports view switching, but
causes crashes when for example focus is on the CRichEditView View, and the
view menu is selected. (Assertion - Doc isn't CRichEditDoc derived).

I thought perhaps i should register two document templates. However, though
I'm switching views, I want the data in the document to persist.
Is it possible to switch templates (and so Doc types) when changing views?
If so, how can I efficiently make my data persist between docs?

Or is there a simpler way to solve this problem?

Hope that made sense...
Thanks for help,

Sun, 11 Sep 2005 22:31:36 GMT  
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