How to handle cursor movement, selection, deletion for a DBCS string. 
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 How to handle cursor movement, selection, deletion for a DBCS string.

HI, All,

Does anyone have the experience of dealing with DBCS string text editing process?  If you use a regular edit box, strange things could happen when you do the deletion, cursor movement and selection operation.  for example, you could delete the lead or trail byte of a DBCS character, or you could select half of the character, which leads to the display of garbagge chars.   I guess one way to handle this problem is to superclass the edit class (I am using Win32, not using MFC).  Can I derive a Class, e.g.  CEditW from CEdit and use it in Win32SDK app?  I used spy++ to examine the view window of Word97 and found its Window Class is RichEdit20W.  (Word97 is DBCS-enabled any you don't experience the above problems when you work with a DBCS string.).

Any Suggestion would be highly appreciated.  Thanks.

Tue, 09 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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