Child Windows is an MDI Application 
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 Child Windows is an MDI Application


        I have a created a new MFC MDI Application project using the
AppWizard, and I wish to create a Tool Window similar to the one used
in Adobe Photoshop, Visual Studio Resource Editor, etc.  I have
modified the MainFrame's WS_CHILDREN bit to TRUE and have modified the
other MDIChild window's to CLIP_SIBLINGS.  My ToolWindow class is set
to WS_CHILD.  The problem which I am experiencing is that when my Tool
Window is created, the client area is displayed on an MDI Child
window, but the title bar is not being displayed and I cannot interact
with the Tool Window.  If I do not set the WS_CHILD bit to TRUE, the
Tool Window is created like it should, except that it can be moved
anywhere on the desktop.  I wish to have my tool window only be
displayed within the client area of my main frame.  Any help would be
greatly appreciated, thank you.

Chirs Kirk.

Thu, 22 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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