COM and passing an opened database connection 
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 COM and passing an opened database connection


I don't know much for the moment about COM, but I'm sure that you're going
to have trouble...
Under ODBC, basically each application (Exe) must be connected via its own
handle (HENV), and the handle from one Exe can't be used by an other Exe.

It means that your COM server must connect alone as it's going up and then
and only then share it's connections between clients.

By saying share connections I mean allocating resources for each client and
transferring calls and data in the proper way between your COM server and
the clients. In fact a bit like a Transaction server will act...

Have fun!



>I'm starting for the first time a COM project.  I want to make an in proc
>COM server DLL.

>Does anybody know how to pass an opened ODBC database connection (Visual
>C++: CDatabase
>object) to this COM server?   We are using Sequelink ODBC drivers with a
>limited amount of
>users so I want to avoid  opening a connection in both the COM client and



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