Problems releasing XML DOM-tree! Help!!! 
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 Problems releasing XML DOM-tree! Help!!!

I'm using the following types of XML variables in a function. And I
always release all of them, but still my application releases the DOM
tree only after when I close my application not when the function is
finished. I know this by following the memory used. When I read the
XML-file the use of memory increases by say 1 MB. Then I go through
the XML-file and read the needed information to an array. When the
function is done and I don't need the DOM-tree any more, the memory
doesn't decrease by the 1 MB? Why???

IXMLDOMNode *iNode = NULL, *iAttribute = NULL;
IXMLDOMNodeList *iNodeList = NULL, *iChildList = NULL,
*iSingularChildList = NULL;
IXMLDOMNamedNodeMap *iAttributeMap = NULL;
IXMLDOMNamedNodeMapPtr  pAttributeMap;

Do all of these XML variables need to be released and does anybody
have any clue what I might have done wrong. I can give a code example
if you are interested. Please help! I'm desperate.


Mon, 12 Sep 2005 15:04:56 GMT  
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