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 Questions on ODBC & CRecordset


I have a DirectX application where I want to manipulate and retrieve
data from an MS Access database file, MyFile.mdb.

I am able to display and change the data in MyFile.mdb with a DataGrid
ActiveX control on my application (through an MS ADO Data Control).

Now I want to read the data in MyFile.mdb so I can use it in my program.  

I tried to create a new class with a CRecordset base class, binding it
to MyFile.mdb.  ClassWizard allowed me to do this and everything looked
ok except when I went to compile it I got the compilation error
"CRecordset: base class undefined" among others.  I tried to include
some files in my stdafx.h file (specifically <afxdb.h>) that were
included in another project that was using CRecordset successfully, but
the compiler still wouldn't get past this error.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get my project to recognize
CRecordset as a legitimate class?  Or, is there another way I should be
using to read the data from MyFile.mdb?

Brad McMillan

Sun, 11 Sep 2005 14:10:47 GMT  
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