C++ library for multi-level undo and transaction rollback 
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 C++ library for multi-level undo and transaction rollback

If you need to add multiple level undo support to your C++ application,
please take a look at Notation Software's Undoable C++ Object Library
      http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;

This library implements an object-oriented approach for reversing
transactions at the C++ object level.  A transaction consists of a
series of three types of operations on objects: creation, modification,
and deletion.  The reversal (undo) of the transaction is implemented
by effectively deleting the originally created objects, restoring
the state of the modified objects, and effectiving re-creating
the deleted objects. This approach can significantly reduce
the cost of implementing multiple level undo in your application,
compared to a procedural "reverse transaction" approach.  Also,
object level undo supports transaction rollback in other scenarios
such as caught C++ exceptions.

The Undoable C++ Object Library has been designed and implemented
by Mark Walsen, former Microsoft program manager for MFC versions
1.0 through 2.5 and also the Windows 3.0 SDK.  The product includes
over 300 pages of professionally prepared documentation in helpfile
and printed format.

The above Web site includes a free download (1.7Mb) of a
demonstration version of the library, which is fully functional
except for a limit on the number of transactions.

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