Redistributing/Installing MSVCP60.DLL and MFC42.DLL on Win2K 
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 Redistributing/Installing MSVCP60.DLL and MFC42.DLL on Win2K


We are building a new release of our product set with Visual Studio 6 SP5
and are now wrestling with how to install the latest MFC42.DLL,
MSVCRT.DLL, and most importantly, MSVCP60.DLL.

I found this KB article that addresses the subject of redistributing these

    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;en-us;q259403

The article talks about using the REDIST.EXE that ships with Visual Studio
SP5, which is what we have now integrated into our installation procedure.
However, the article also contains this paragraph:

 > the package does not install these components on computers that are
 > running Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows Millenium (Me)
 > systems.  ... these components can only be updated though operating
 > system updates and service packs  ...

Our Q.A. department (which is testing the installation procedure on
different platforms) also reports that REDIST.EXE doesn't do anything on
WindowsNT.  After installation, our app refused to load with this error:

 >  The ordinal 6880 cannot be located in the dynamic link library
MFC42.DLL. <

The date on the MFC42.DLL was 1996, so running REDIST.EXE does nothing on

Windows2000 actually has a separate problem: it does not ship with
MSVCP60.DLL, a required C++ DLL.  This module is included in REDIST.EXE,
but because REDIST.EXE does nothing on Win2K, it doesn't even install this
new DLL.  We tried copying this DLL into the SYSTEM32 directory manually,
and lo and behold, our app runs.

So, the question is, how should we update these components on WindowsNT,
Windows2000, WindowsME, and WindowsXP?  If REDIST.EXE won't do it, are we
supposed to just update the SYSTEM32 or SYSTEM directories ourselves, or
is it OK to put all these components into our program's installation

Thank you in advance for your help; if there is a more appropriate
newsgroup to ask this question in, please direct me to it.

--- Uwe

Tue, 21 Sep 2004 03:53:56 GMT  
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