Need Help Using DBG files in NT4 Server for Dr. Watson logs 
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 Need Help Using DBG files in NT4 Server for Dr. Watson logs

I'm trying to generate a DBG file for an app that is crashing on WinNT4
server, but the Dr. Watson log refuses to include the symbol information in
the stack trace.  I just get <nosymbols>.

What I've done is change the project settings in release mode to include
debug info, unchecked "Use program database" and I've tried setting the
debug info in the C++ tab to "C7 Compatible" and "Program Database"

I'm using REBASE.exe to strip the debug info from the .exe and generate the
.DBG file.

I copy the .exe and the DBG file to the server.  When the log file is
generated, it still shows <nosymbols>.  What am I missing?

From what I've read, for user mode apps it looks in the same directory as
the .exe for the .DBG file.  I've also tried using just the .pdb file (which
works on Win2k but not on NT4) without any luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sat, 23 Aug 2003 01:53:52 GMT  
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