Title bar loses focus in lightweight property sheet implementation 
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 Title bar loses focus in lightweight property sheet implementation

I'm trying to develop a lightweight Property
Sheet/Property Page class based on CTabCtrl. Each tab gets
associated with a modeless dialog with controls
appropriate to that tab, and when the user clicks on the
tab, the dialog associated with the former tab is hidden
and the dialog associated with the clicked tab is shown.
The problem is when one of the controls on the modeless
dialog receives the focus, the title bar on the main
dialog containing the tab control loses the focus. I've
solved the problem of the title bar losing the focus when
a tab gets the focus by doing a GetParent()->SetFocus()
when the tab is selected, but as soon as you click on a
control, the title bar loses the focus. CPropertySheet
must have solved this problem somehow.

Mon, 30 May 2005 21:23:06 GMT  
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