Adding single Icons to Imagelist (+ How to create a mask for icon) 
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 Adding single Icons to Imagelist (+ How to create a mask for icon)

I have 40 single Icons without a mask, each Icon having transp
color=RGB(255,0,255). I need to put them into an Imagelist.
The Imagelist is connected later to a toolbar as a cold/hot imagelist
        SendMessage(TB_SETIMAGELIST, 0,

So I did the following
Note: The IDB_TMPBITMAP is a 16 pixel width and height Bitmap in the
Resource Editor.

TmpImageListA.Create(IDB_TMPBITMAP, i_iIconSizeX, 1, RGB(255,0,255));


loop(for all Icons){

        HICON hIcon = AfxGetApp()->LoadIcon(uiIconID);
        int iRetIndex = TmpImageListA.Replace(idx++, hIcon);


---- Question:

 {"The accessnumber is not defined"}  German:"Die Zugriffsnummer ist
nicht definiert"
 What's wrong ?

--- Question:
Is this guaranteed to put the Icon into the imagelist
and **getting a mask**automatically created**, because Icon
BG color is RGB(255,0,255) and Imagelist BG color is RGB(255,0,255)  ?

I can not get the ToolBar to display the Icons ...

Tue, 05 Aug 2003 17:16:06 GMT  
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