CHtmlView, Submit, automatic Unicode(?) character replacement problem. 
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 CHtmlView, Submit, automatic Unicode(?) character replacement problem.


If I click on the Submit Button in my CHtmlView, I get the
field values and names like "fieldname=value" in the
Eventhandler OnBeforeNavigate2 in the CByteArray
baPostedData. But if there are Special Characters like ''
in one of the text fields on my HTML Site,
the value in baPostedData is replaced by a Hexval like
Thats easy to handle. 3a is 58 and this is equal to ":" in
the Ascii table.

But the '' sign and much others too are replaced with two
Hexvals like "%C3%9C". This is NOT the value for the ''
sign in the unicode table and i have no idea to convert it
back to the original char ''.

Sat, 05 Jun 2004 16:49:13 GMT  
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