Possible CDatabase Event Handle Leak 
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 Possible CDatabase Event Handle Leak


I am working on a MFC SDI application that is leaking event handles. I
have verified this by using HandleEx.exe and task mangler. The
application itself spawns about 6 threads and creates 3 in process COM
objects ( call them A B and C), of which one (lets say B) spawns about
20 threads. Now A is used in B, C, and the main SDI application. The
only method for interface A uses CDatabase to open a connection to a
remote Sql server database, Executes a Sql insert command, and closes
its connection to the database ( its a logging interface so it can be
called fairly rapidly ). When I close the leaked handles forcefully
via HandleEx.exe I sometimes get a invalid handle crash, and mostly
the stack shows me down in sqlsvr32.dll or odbc?.dll. I've noticed
people getting leaks upon opening/closing a db connection, but mine is
random and not consistant as they described. These leaks can add up
after a few days of run time, enough that we have to restart the
application. Has anyone seen anything like this, and is it related to
the dabase code or am I barking up the wrong tree? Also, suggestions
on how to fix it would be nice.

Thanks for the help,


Sun, 30 Nov 2003 11:06:01 GMT  
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