Q: video capture in console app? 
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 Q: video capture in console app?

I want to grab frames off a framegrabber straight into a memory buffer.
Ideally, I'd
like to keep this as a console application: my project is only
temporarily on windows
while our proprietary robot is getting repaired.

We have a couple of different frame grabber that work and have drivers.
demo program runs fine.  I *don't* have a development library for any of
framegrabbers.  :(

capGrabFrame() and the like functions require an AVI window open, and
display the grabbed frame.  I don't want to display anything, I just
need the raw video
data in a memory buffer.  Is there a simple way I can do this with the
classes I have?
(Visual Studio enterprise edition.  C++ is 4.0 I think).  Since this
project is only temporarily
on Windows, I don't want to spend the time required to learn to use
MSFT's proprietary
classes like the AVIwindow stuff. (I've not developed under windows
before). I'm trying to
keep this program as portable as possible, which means writing as much
of it as I can in
plain C++.

Thanks if you have any advice,


Mon, 15 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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