Problem with MDI application 
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 Problem with MDI application


I have just started learning about Visual C++ and MFC in general.  I'm
trying to put together a small MDI-based application.  I generated the
skeleton of the application through AppWizard, and got it running, no
problem there.

Where I am curious to find out, and I can't seem to find any
information on this, is how to maintain the state of the child window
(frame) within the parent window.  When I click on the close button
(the "X" button), the child window closes.  But I have no idea to
bring that child window back. The reason for bringing back exactly the
same child window is because I need to present certain information
within that child window, e.g. some graphs.

Does anyone know how something like this can be achieved? Or could it
be that every time when I select the command to display the graphs, I
open a new child window but give it the exact title bar, so as to give
the users the illusion that they are opening the same window? How
expensive is this in term of system resources, e.g. memory, heap space
etc, in order to instantiate a new child object, i.e. CMDIChildWnd?

Thanks for any help, URL, online resources that you can point me to.

Steven Jones

Sat, 10 Sep 2005 10:16:41 GMT  
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